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Roll Out The Barrel March 9, 2011

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Ok, so our driveway is still too narrow for the fuel truck, but some good did come of our day.

Elihu loves polkas. A lot. And so, he will be singing “Roll Out The Barrel” for his elementary school talent show. Only problem was he wanted to actually roll out a barrel on which he would then stand and sing. Finding a barrel proved more daunting a task than we’d thought. En route to teach my continuing ed class at the high school tonight, we ran across some men making sets for the high school musical. I inquired if they might know where we could get a good, old-fashioned oak barrel. When they learned our mission the fellow in charge gave us the number of a woman who could supply us just such a barrel – and since it was for use in the school district it would be free! How bout that.

So we don’t have heat yet, but we do have a barrel. So we got that goin for us. Which is nice.


Horsepower Needed

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I’ve been told that the mounds of snow flanking our driveway need more oomph to move than usual. What to do? I don’t know. This is a good way to meet neighbors… I’ll just keep knocking on doors til I find someone with the machine for the job. I’m not upset, in fact it is kind of adventure. I am convinced that some interesting surprises await. I feel I must mention, however, that I am rather done with a chilly house. There’s no thrill to a cold toilet seat first thing in the morning.


Good News, Bad News

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“So what’s the story with the heat?” Elihu asked me when I got off the phone. “Well,” I answer, “You’ve got a sense of humor, right?” Ok. I’m finding this amusing this morning. Maybe I should be bummed, but it’s all ok. So. The almost ex agrees to send me $150 for oil, the oil man agrees to front me the oil til the money comes in, and it’s lookin good. Then the truck guy wants to know if my driveway is plowed. Oh. Kind of.

The huge dump of snow we got two days ago closed schools and caused the plow guys to sigh with the rest of us. We had all thought it was over. My plow guy (we call him dumb Mike because he’s called me Lisa for years in spite of my having written him checks with my actual name on them) was done with the season too and so just barely cleared a path for my vehicle. But a huge tank truck? No way. As it is my side mirrors are barely clearing the three foot banks of snow. Sigh. One more thing to do before our house will be warm again.