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Toothless in Saratoga October 31, 2013

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I’ll write a proper post on our wonderful Halloween later… for now I’d just like to warn all late-night, middle-aged folks to sample their children’s stashes with care…

Elihu and I were in the very best of cheer, sitting at the kitchen table as we do this night each year, wading though a large bowl of candy and sharing stories from the night. Long past the thrill of candy (we’re more savory fans than sweet – in fact I went straight for the salami when we got in) we continued to eat pieces, more for the sampling of forgotten flavors than out of a desire to eat candy. Rather mindlessly – anticipating that strange, manufactured and perfumey sort of flavor I remembered from long ago – I popped a piece of taffy into my mouth. I bit onto something in the taffy, and instantly recalled all the tales from my youth, the long-lived urban legends of tainted candy, the ominous and still ubiquitous warnings about checking one’s candy before eating… I, it seemed, after decades of having been warned about just such an event, had bitten into one of those tainted pieces. I pulled it out of my mouth to see what was going on, and it took me a moment to realize that I had actually pulled a tooth out of my own head. Really? Seriously?? And after such a charmed day? Sheesh. Nothing so humbling as losing a tooth – or a fake tooth, I should say. Seriously, I couldn’t feel like a bigger idiot. But I guess if it could be anything close to justifiable on any day of the year – this would be the one.

Can’t help but wonder how much this little baby is worth, I think to myself as I turn the fake tooth, metal anchor and all, around in my hand. Can I re-use it? Sure hope so. I begin to envision monthly payments streaming on into the future for years. I worry a little about how much I’ve just set myself back. Argh. And such a wonderful evening til now… Elihu reminds me that it probably happened because somehow it needed to. And upon closer inspection of my mouth I see a bit of decay on a neighboring tooth. So maybe it’s just as well. We agree there’s no point to worrying about it, we retire our candy (as we weren’t super excited about it anyhow) and we plan to get into our pajamas and get into bed with a book of true ghost stories of the Saratoga area. The rain hasn’t let up all night, we can hear it outside our window and it feels very Halloween-y right now. I guess missing a tooth on a night like this is actually rather fitting after all. So maybe it is just the perfect ending to a perfect day.

Happy Halloween, my dearies!