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The Journey of a Mother and Son

Say Hello… February 28, 2011

I began this blog before I even realized what I was endeavoring to do. A couple years down the road into single motherhood and still licking my wounds from a long and troubled divorce process, I needed an outlet. So in February of 2011, like thousands upon thousands of other folks around the globe, I began to blog. (Still feels a little strange using blog as a verb, but there it is.)

It’s something like 550+ posts later, and there are folks in over 100 countries regularly reading my blog now. Woo hoo! Still feels surreal. I feel really lucky to have this invisible lifeline to the world. There have been times when just knowing I have friends somewhere out there has kept me from sinking into a hopeless funk. So thanks for being there for us and for coming along on our life’s adventures.

If you’d like to say hi, please send me an email – or you may find me, Elizabeth Conant, on the iconic Facebook.

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19 Responses to “Say Hello…”

  1. Sonya Says:

    you go girl !!!

  2. jdavidar Says:

    Well, I think it’s awesome!

    Who knew your writing voice was as lovely as your singing one. Hi from Francine & me in NYC. Hope to see you soon.


  3. Scott Says:

    Hi Elizabeth, After 6 tries I was finally able to get my fat fingers to spell the URL correctly to look at the blog! Love the studio. Scott

  4. Thomas O'Brien and Lucas Says:

    Hi guys, its Thomas and Lucas from Woods Seafood. We just came to check out the website and have found the website amazing. Good luck and I hope to talk to you again.


    • wingmother Says:

      woo hoo! how happy are we that you actually kept the card and found us out here in the world! We enjoyed sitting next to you and hope life has us crossing paths again one day. :)

  5. Scott Says:

    Hi Liz, I’ll honk towards NYC as we pass you going to Hofstra on Long island to pick up my daughter Emily.

  6. twistedlola Says:

    Glad I found you. Single moms rock :)

  7. vstormmtbc Says:

    What a journey. Glad to hear your update, sad story yes, and sounds like you’ve resurrected yourself in the process. (I think I last saw you at Keith Moller’s funeral many years ago.) Kudos to you Liz. – Victoria (my blog if you wanna visit.)

  8. Beverly Says:

    Started reading a blog post and kept reading more and more. Great insights and detail. Best wishes.

  9. Jeff Oliver Says:

    Hi Liz,
    Your talent at writing is remarkable. I have conflicting feelings of awe at the style and flow of words and emotions, and the feeling of hurt and sorrow they convey. I go past the words and realize that these are your emotions. As one who knows and loves you, I feel some of the pain and loss you feel. I hate to see anyone having to bear this type of grief, yet I realize what better therapy can there be than letting those feelings pour out of you. Some relief comes. I hope through all this, you never forget the wonder that is you. You have so many wonderful attributes and gifts that you have managed to grow through all the hurt. You add value to those around you and to those who read your thoughts. Being a mother has taught you the value and beauty of putting someone else’s needs before your own. If I could only find the words, the language to truly tell you how wonderful you are. My shortcomings with words will have to do, and all I can say is I truly love you.


  10. wingmother Says:

    Oh Jeff, I don’t know what to say. How can you be so kind? I debated publishing the most recent post, it was quite graphic and emotional – no doubt you’ve read it. I’m surprised that this topic is still so forward in my mind… thanks for supporting me in all this. You got it right – the expression of it in this blog is my own therapy. That and the love of friends like you keeps me smiling in spite of it all. xoxo to you both

  11. hollyaleaha Says:

    love the pic is that your kid. :)

  12. Andrew James Says:

    Hi there. I live in the UK, but for 6 years (’95-’01) was resident in Chicago. Loved the music scene, spent many happy evenings at Metro, Lounge Ax, the Empty Bottle etc. Loved the local bands too, Motorhome, the Pulsars and especially the Aluminum Group. I was listening to Plano recently, looking at the credits, and wondering “Hmm, I wonder, who is Liz Conant, and what is she up to?” To cut to the chase, a sequence of internet clicks led me here. And I’m glad to have come across your blog; it’s fantastic, really well-written. While I can see you’ve had some difficult times lately, I can see too that you’re striving to stay positive. And your son is a credit to you. All the best from Edinburgh.

    • wingmother Says:

      wow – how very sweet to hear. Actually pulled out an old TAG cd the other day and had a listen. Good stuff indeed. I’d bet we might have inhabited the same spaces at the same time.. or have friends in common, never know. Thanks for the energetic support, Andrew. Great to meet you.

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