Borscht Belt comes to Greenfield

Elihu and I knew he would perform at his school’s talent show. I wondered what he could do; my first choice was his busking-inspired djembe bit. That was too informal for his taste. From the start he knew what he would do. He wanted to play drums and sing. A snare and a cymbal would get the point across just fine. He knew all the polkas well… Roll Out The Barrel and The Happy Wanderer were good choices. And the embedded one-liners were his choice too. Clad in an Austrian peasant shirt his father brought back from a European tour, he belts out the tunes and jokes without missing a beat – in spite of failing microphones. This kid is a showman, and his mama is proud indeed. The Catskills got nothin on the Adirondacks!

One thought on “Borscht Belt comes to Greenfield

  1. Hi Liz, this is Bill from Shermain and the Oz bar. Nice to see you, it brought back memories of times gone by. Elichu is a natural entertainer.

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