Morning After

Yesterday we had Elihu’s eighth birthday party here in our tiny home. While I took to heart the advice of my almost-ex in response to his critique that I needed to be better about planning activities for kids parties, and sat up crafting some pretty darling home-made games the night before, they couldn’t have been more irrelevant. Whew! Talk about a party!

The scene and supplies: A modest four room ranch house, a couple dozen yellow balloons strewn about, dollar store 3 liter bottles of fake lemonade, a cake covered in frosting grass and dotted with eight peeps and candles, an incubator with several hatching eggs as well a brooder with several fuzzy chicks in the living room, a trampoline outside in front, a coop out back, and a drum set and wurlitzer electric piano downstairs. Instant party. Good thing some parents hung around – with inside, outside and downstairs all swingin at the same time, it wasn’t possible to stay on top of all the action. I can confidently say a very good time was had by all. I do hope this was the kind of moment in these young lives that will stand out in the lore of their youth many decades from now. I think it stands that chance. Every child got to hold and smooch a fuzzy newborn chick without being told his turn was up. Everyone got to see an egg being poked at from inside about as close up as possible. No bad seats, no long waits to get your turn. Everyone who wanted to bounce bounced. Those who wanted to try the drums did. And the chickens ran free around the yard for all to chase. Indeed, this was a fine party.

This morning the weather is beautiful, my son is sleeping in and another chick has just hatched. I am guessing that today will be one of those very fine, unscheduled, at-home days. I imagine Elihu will play with his new toys while I tend to the coop repairs. We Tauruses will delight in being home. With the memory of our happy yesterday still rambling about in our heads, we will work and play side by side as contented as any two people can be.

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