Success! A Multi-Staged Post….?

Chapter One:

We have a raccoon free garage! The next step comes shortly. After we have a little breakfast (the usual: french toast made with our hen’s fresh eggs, a staple of our menu) Elihu and I will plop the young chicks who currently reside in two large plastic bins in the basement into a large laundry basket, and we will carry them outside to their new home in the garage. Then, thoroughly doused in bug repellant (a clove-smelling, natural concoction made by a neighbor) we will watch and wait. I will pull up a chair, coffee cup in hand, and observe the side-by-side chickens, mature and immature, to see how they react to one another. I will be on the ready to break up any skirmishes and I will take notes on the location of any breaches in the fence that divides the two groups in the outside runs. As I’m still in morning mode, this will take a little mental psyching up. Ok. Here we go, the kids are moving out today.

Chapters 2, 3, 4 and more…

So much for installments throughout the day. Suffice to say, all that I envisioned us doing, as I wrote above, did happen very much as I’d thought it would. There were a few deviations as usual, but that’s where life keeps us amused, right? It’s late, it’s been a full and successful day. Let’s leave it at that as I haven’t the oomph left to write. I’ve just attempted to insert the link to our new videos on you tube with no luck. Lord knows how I did it before. I’ve tried every angle with no progress as my patient son waits for me, drawing to pass the time. Argh. If you’re so inclined, you may check out the three videos we took and posted today of our new coop on our channel ‘elihusmom’. And if anyone can get back to me with some advice as to how to insert the links I would be a very happy woman. As Elihu would say in closing of a short performance: thank you all very much and goodnight!

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