Quickie Update

Much is going on these days. Too much, in fact, to write. Some may have noticed a long pause between posts…

We are having a coop professionally built for us. This is perhaps the single biggest quality of life upgrade we’ve experienced here in New York. The lumber arrived today and awaits the crew who will arrive first thing tomorrow morning. We can thank my father for making this amazing project possible.

Art classes are underway, a drawing class with ten students is going on as I write. In a few minutes Elihu and I are bringing our grand, white rooster to the Studio that he may pose as a model for the class. How fun is that?

Later today I’m meeting with a fellow from the Mohawk-Hudson Dowsers for a peek at the facility. We’ll be hosting their meeting in late August. The members will dowse for a suitable source of water to supply the new well being drilled soon. We already know the location that will work; we’re marking several dummy spots as potential candidates in addition to the proposed well drill spot, then letting the group learn the real one from the fake by dowsing for it themselves. How fun is that?

Ok. I have an eight year old boy standing in front of me with a rooster in his arms. Gotta run…

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