FBM 52nd Season

The production of my father’s “Festival of Baroque Music” has taken most of my time of late, and this post will be little other than a quick hello…

In 1959 my father began his Foundation For Baroque Music as a means by which he might produce a series of early music concerts at a time in which little attention was given to the performance of Baroque music in authentic tuning and on authentic period instruments. A pioneer in such an endeavor, he has since been followed by many, and as a result it is no longer a rarity to hear such music performed. In fact, early music performance, from what I can understand, is usually performed in the lower tuning (concert A =  415 rather than A being 440 or higher) and frequently on authentic instruments. So my dad, I can gather, played an important role in the modern day re-discovery of Baroque music performance.

Can’t say much more right now, as I have a tired eight year old boy on my shoulder and must prepare for another busy day tomorrow. Awaiting my father’s 52nd and final concert this Sunday next. Much to do before then….

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