Visualizing the things we want is a good way to get the ball rolling, right? By now it’s pretty widely accepted in our world that this is so. A bridge exists first in someone’s thoughts, then step by step it becomes physical reality as the dream – the visualization – fuels its creation. As more and more people’s energies (as well as their own visualizations of this wonderful bridge) come together, the thing begins to take ‘real’ form. But the bridge’s first form was that of thought. Thought, in the form of one person’s visualization.

I’ve been explaining this idea to my son since he was five – and he gets it. He also gets by now that this is quite an infuriating planet on which to bring dreams or thoughts into physical fruition. Yup, this place can be a big pain in the ass. And so it can be rather daunting to even begin to dream. It’s even kind of painful; it’s sad, defeating and exhausting to vainly picture scenes in your head which are, judging by your present surroundings, quite unlikely to come true. But then again, in the face of such grim reality, the faint message comes through: somehow, it is possible. Like that saying ‘if you can conceive it and believe it you can achieve it’. These days I’m having a hard time dreaming, because I just can’t seem to find the oomph to try bringing anything into form. Nevertheless wispy visions continue to lap at the edges of my thoughts…

Those endless wires overhead. Ever notice them? I guess I’d never paid them much attention before because they’re just simply part of our earthly landscape, whether it’s Miami or New Delhi. But lately I’ve started to notice them. To think about them. To see that they are not just in every city and hamlet where folks use electricity – but they further clutter rural lawns and backyards where the lines spoke off and make for their disembarking points on our rooftops. That is, for those of us whose lines aren’t buried, and I do realize there are a fair number of those unseen lines beneath the feet of some lucky communities. But for those of us who get our electricity through the more economic delivery method of above ground wires, those things are just everywhere. They’re so ubiquitous that I doubt you’ve ever begun to imagine the world without them. I myself never had until recently.

As I was driving down my country road the other day, enjoying the picturesque unrolling of the road ahead of me as I had so many thousands of times before, it dawned on me. The lovely, rolling road was not quite as lovely as it might be: there were black cables relentlessly following it up and over the first hill, then up the far-off crest of cemetery hill in the distance. I wasn’t really seeing the countryside as nature had made it, but as man had made it. Ich. I was curious, what must this scene have looked like just a hundred years ago before electricity made it this far out into the countryside? Hmm. We tend to think things have always been as they are right now. Even when we know that’s not true. It’s just that it’s so hard to visualize things radically different. It was a little daunting, but I tried to imagine it. A countryside without wires. Then a city without wires. A whole country? A whole planet? Not quite. I could hardly get the vision of my pastoral town wire-free in my mind’s eye. I did, however, manage to see it for a split second, and wow. Kinda mind-blowing. And also kinda mind-blowing that it should be mind-blowing. Now that I’ve seen it, these wires just look mangy to me. Nasty interruptions. Maybe we need ’em now, but I’m hoping not always.

Thankfully I’m dreaming again. I’m no scientist, no technician, and from my layman’s armchair I can see a list of problems with it – but might it be possible to transmit energy without all these wires? I’m guessing it’s a bigger question than I understand, but the point is, I’m giving that thought some of my own energy now. Imagine all those lines gone. Maybe where we are right now that seems plain crazy. But still, imagine it. And while we’re imagining that – how about imagining clean power? Free power. Power derived from latent energy that exists all around us. We can only harness what we can currently measure and detect. Imagine that there are forces we can’t yet detect, but that are there, waiting. Now imagine we can detect them, measure them, collect them, transmute the force’s form and create a power source. Ooh baby, call me nuts, but that’s where my late-night thoughts are taking me. It’s an exciting thought, even if it does sound impossible as things stand now. (In hopes of maintaining whatever credibility I’ve built up thus far in this forum, I’m gonna cite Misters Einstein and Stern right now as backup. This energy from nothing thing didn’t start with me. The zero point energy thing’s been around for a bit.)

So. That’s what I’m dreaming of today. Zero. Zero wires, zero emissions, zero. Wish I could get my visualization together enough to picture my body a size zero (or maybe just a one-zero. Yeah, I’d be happy with that). But that’s another dream altogether…

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