Sorta Sick

While Elihu was truly sick just two days ago, he is home from school today. Although he’s not super sick, he’s not all well either. We’ve both been a little low energy the past few days – he more than me, plus he’s still got a cough and a bit of a sore throat. I’m not sure I could keep him home as casually if he were in middle school. But if he can still take a day off in third grade without dire consequences to his schooling, I say fine. Besides, the kid’s reading Treasure Island on his own. And he can add in his head quicker than I can. I’m not worried.

As I sit at the mac in my bedroom, cleaning out my inbox and going through to-do lists, he is in the living room, playing with his new Keva planks, snorting, coughing and clearing his throat all the while. (Santa totally scored with that new toy, I should like parents of kids to know: highly recommended by this household.) I’m happy to have him home. It can be tricky actually getting anything done when he stays home from school, but in this moment right now, we’re both fairly content, and that’s a nice way to be.

He comes in to cuddle for a bit. He may not be so high energy today, but he’s cheerful. Realizing that a day like this won’t always be possible for us – that I may come to miss this era all too soon – I’ve ended up deciding my work will just have to wait til tomorrow. Today will be a low-key day. I will still teach; he’ll come along with me later this afternoon, waiting at my mom’s office, drawing birds in the break room and chatting with everyone who stops in, while I visit my students’ home a few blocks away. I’ll come to pick him up, we’ll give mom a ride to her car, then head home for a quiet night.

Tomorrow we’ll start our routines again as usual. But for now, we’re just kinda layin low and enjoying our time-out from the busy world. And that’s good medicine.

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