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The Journey of a Mother and Son

Small World April 25, 2012

Hello to my friends across the globe! May we all find it within our ability to visit each other some day. WordPress tells me I have readers in the following places… wave if I call your country!

United States, Canada, Egypt, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Brazil, Germany, Ecuador, Ukraine, Slovakia, Australia, Mexico, Malaysia, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Argentina, Israel, Latvia and the Republic of Korea.

Wow. Thanks for joining us in our adventure here in rural, upstate New York. Please say hello on your next visit, whether real or virtual…


6 Responses to “Small World”

  1. FS Says:

    …testing the name link to my blog…I kept changing the blog name, you can delete this post in a minute, thx ;) Hello to the world, though! heheh

  2. FS Says:

    nope still goes to the wrong site, lol

  3. FS Says:

    It told me I couldn’t have that name, but linked me to the kaput site, anyway.

  4. FS Says:

    ok…last test (sorry) delete all of these ;)

  5. lindy Says:

    Hello from the exotic metropolis of DeKalb, IL!

  6. wingmother Says:

    thanks for the FB and personal email replies – but someone, please, say hi here! It looks like I’m crying wolf!! :)

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