Sunny Birthday

Is it possible to write a post in less than ten minutes? It will have to be. Thanks all for your kindness in so many emails and FB greetings. I feel so blessed and lucky to have so many well-wishers. I send you my gratitude… It’s hard to understand that I am now embarking on my fiftieth year here. !

My day has been lovely and unstructured. It is a fine, sunny spring day here in Greenfield. Not warm nor cool; today exists in that minutest fraction of temperate perfection so seldom experienced on this planet of extremes. In a word – the weather today is perfect.

After venturing onto some long-abandoned properties and digging up what I could find of flowering spring bulbs, I have returned home covered in dirt. The bus will be here soon, and shortly after Elihu comes home I’ll grab a quick shower before my piano students come over. This evening my parents, brother and son and I will go out to dinner.

This is what a birthday should be. Lucky gal am I.

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