Spoons and Drums

Yesterday Elihu’s Eurythmy teacher at Waldorf  brought the local trad music folks to school as an end-of-the-year treat for the 3rd graders. The trio played and called as 3rd graders, 7th graders, teachers and this mom joined in the dancing.

Local favorites Peter, Paul and Margot explain traditional music to the kids

Looks like Master Elihu has a question…

…he wants to see the spoons that Peter plays up close

Abigail Reid (standing) is the 3rd grade teacher

Susan Birkas Dent, Eurythmy teacher on left, Paul Rosenberg, caller, multi-instrumentalist and well-known founder of the Dance Flurry here in Saratoga on the right. We’re about to dance, so sorry – there aren’t any pictures of the dancing in progress!

Peter Davis shows Elihu how to play the spoons

During recess Elihu shares the djembes he brought to school with classmates

…then he and Phoenix play together (these two are the drummers in the class for sure!)

After school is out, Adam Witt, baker of the best bread you could ever hope to taste and west-African-schooled drummer leads the kids in a drum circle

A late spring rain has the drummers running to squeeze into the gazebo.

What a magical day. How much do we love this school??

3 thoughts on “Spoons and Drums

  1. Fantastic! The world needs more people marching to the beat of their own drums ;) We already have enough bankers, accountants, and clones who bore the crap out of people with their single-dimensional, money-based personalities. Why shouldn’t some enjoy the beauty of life and self-expression? Sounds to me like you made the *exact* right choice for you and your son with Waldorf. Kudos. Life isn’t a contest to see how many numbers you can jam in your head, spew out on tests, earn a title after 15 years, and use it to collect a paycheck (although that’s what is being sold to the masses as education and “happiness”). Acknowledging and participating in the beauty and richness of life creates deep culture, and culture defines a nation.

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