Venting Day

Here’s a peek into our very enjoyable Sunday so far…

venting day 1 018

The view outside our door

venting day 1 034

We toss a fresh egg out to lure in the girls…

venting day 1 024

then Elihu brings em inside for inspection

venting day 1 004

Getting positioned..

venting day 1 006

then finding those pelvic bones…

venting day 1 012

and finally wiggling the fingers around to assess the vent size

venting day 1 028

Some gals are certainly laying…

venting day 1 014

from dark browns to pale green

venting day 2 001

What’s this? This isn’t even a chicken! Surprise! Elihu caught Austin, our resident male guinea fowl. This is NOT an easy thing to do, hence the smile…

venting day 2 010

Elihu really loves Austin

venting day 3 008

and wants to show you his gorgeous markings

venting day 3 007


venting day 3 006

and closer still!

venting day 3 005

How about those goofy hairs on the back of his neck?? Crazy, huh?

venting day 4 004

His amazing wingspan…

venting day 3 010

He’s goofy and elegant at the same time. Much wilder than the rest of the chickens, constantly chattering all day long, eating and producing nothing at all – and truthfully, not all that smart to boot – we don’t really have good reason, but all the same, we just love our little guinea.

Ok. Back to the task at hand. An update on our progress: we had planned on giving the non-layers (butcher bound) a spray painted X on their backs, but have discovered that the paint doesn’t stick to the wet birds. Duh, I guess. We’ve tried putting twist ties on their legs in the past, but in one day they can peck em off. Not sure how we’ll do this. May have to wait til the day of butchering and just box em up as we find em. Argh. Things always take a little more finessing than you’d think. Updates on our progress to follow…

3 thoughts on “Venting Day

  1. Aha!! Great idea, we were hitting the sides of our heads and saying ‘zip ties, of course’… only problem is the Amish butcher uses all the body parts for compost… might not like plastic in the mix. So we tied twine around their legs and double knotted them. We’ll see…

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