Earliest Spring Pics

Super Egg

the biggest egg we’ve had yet, a double yoker, of course

Big and Smalla ‘fairy egg’ on the left. Wow. !

Bottle Garden

found this bottle in the old dump on a walk in the woods. A ready-made terrarium growing in the snow!

Easter Sunrise

Easter morning sunrise

Easter Basket

the Easter basket

Chicken Smooch

some Easter smooching

Crow Field

a fine morning walk down the field on Easter morning…

late March 2013 654

a view of  Braim road from our hillside woods

Fox Den

so this is where the fox lives!

late March 2013 653

a lightening strike burned out the inside of this tree

late March 2013 659

so Elihu gets an idea…

Woods Rock Garden

he made a little rock wall by the tree

Rock and Tree

kinda sweet, huh?

E & E Rocks

mommy and son rocks

Model Painting

painting a plane model he got in his basket


watching a pair of brown headed cowbirds at the kitchen feeder

Before Dinner

a little DS before supper

Easter Ham

mom carves the Easter ham

Easter Supper

Mom worked hard on Easter dinner all day. It was delicious, of course, and especially enjoyable because we sure don’t get meals like this too often.  A fine end to a fine day.


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