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Eating Bugs June 12, 2013

Jonah and Phoenix are over for the afternoon. It’s been a day full of little surprises, including this interesting snack time adventure. I really don’t think any text is necessary here…

eating bugs june 2013 013

eating bugs june 2013 003

eating bugs june 2013 018

eating bugs june 2013 015

eating bugs june 2013 016

June 2013 end of school 571

BUgs 2 June 2013 025

BUgs 2 June 2013 034

BUgs 2 June 2013 011

June 2013 end of school 575

June 2013 end of school 577

June 2013 end of school 579

BUgs 2 June 2013 019

BUgs 2 June 2013 041

BUgs 2 June 2013 046

Life is never dull with these guys around. !


7 Responses to “Eating Bugs”

  1. hobacaitbe Says:

    When they become cool teenagers, you should be able to blackmail them with these pictures.

  2. Gene Burnett Says:

    Yum! And what the above commenter says. ;~) GB

  3. abbbz Says:

    I just nominated you for the Leibster award! I really enjoy reading your blog and I am sure many others will as well!

    • wingmother Says:

      You are a sweetie! That’s very kind of you. I have some forthcoming thoughts on the Leibster Award I’ll offer in a future post. Thanks – and I’ve read some of your blog before too and enjoyed it a lot. And – we both share the same theme!

  4. Jessalyn Says:

    Gotta love our adventurous trio! No picky eaters here. Best friends are an amazing treasure.

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