Fall Photo Catch-Up

As most of the leaves are now gone, and the weather has finally turned truly cold, these pictures, from only a week ago, seem to be from much longer ago than that… Here are some bits and pieces, some of which I’d written about, some not, but we thought they’d be fun to see anyway… All little peeks into our world here at the Hillhouse. (This has also been an incredibly tedious experiment in what it would be like to import photos using my ancient Mac. It has taken a loooooooong time, but I did it! And until Mr. Fix it comes next week to help w/our PC, it doesn’t look likely there’ll be too many more pics before then.)

yo bro

First off, has this hit your school yet? I think the folks who own the silly bands factories probably just modified their setup a little bit and simply picked up where they left off…. such suckers we are. But as fads go, one that encourages kids – and boys too – to create things that require the use of merely their brains and fingers (and in some cases, their marketing skills) is a wholly healthy endeavor in my opinion. Just so long as the math homework gets done first. !

Fall AfternoonWe enjoyed some long fall afternoons making the requisite leaf piles.

in the pileLife on the inside

well, hello!Chickens like to play, too! (At least that’s what we like to believe)

Footbridge in FallThe burning bush by the footbridge

beautiful birchAnd our beloved Beech

apple treeAnd our favorite ornamental apple tree with color on the hillside beyond

Elihu and JuliusUntil yesterday, our favorite new roo. Oh well. At least he has been immortalized in the ether of the internet.

Julius CaesarKinda thought I’d be the one to do him in. Just as well. Julius Caesar was growing on us…

thru the porchthe view from the porch

pov from failed beans up the hilland the view from the garden looking back up at the porch. Note the lack of beans on the bean poles. Deer shaved off every last piece of green from the ground up. They missed a couple leaves and beans at the top. Lesson learned. Next year it’s fence time.

chicken's pumpkinWe won’t be needing to carve our jack-o-lanterns, as the chickens have beat us to it. !

big ol drop offThis is our hike through the local woods to visit an abandoned graphite mine. There’s a dramatic falloff just to the right…

Old Naila tiny sign of humanity once here

this is not exciting, momA larger sign of humanity here before – but it’s fast losing its interest to a cranky ten year old boy.

Factory FootprintThis is the footprint of the mining factory’s wall, which goes down a good fifty feet to the river below.

ancient bridgethe remains of a small gauge railroad bridge over the water

Arms Fullback home with Julius Caesar; one last good smooching before his mysterious disappearance.

under-arm orb?Hmm. underarm orb or trick of the light? We creeped ourselves out with this replay. (He’s reaching for the moon)

In Flight MamaJumpin Mama

Wing Spanthe dead female Yellow Rumped Warbler, such lovely wings

Yellow Rumped Warbler (Female)and the drawing he made of her

Waxwingstill didn’t top last year’s dead bird drawing (in ball point pen, no less)

Golden CurlsThanks for taking this one, sweetie. Doin’ away with the blonde highlights tomorrow. Tonin things down for winter and trying to get a bit closer to my natural color. Sans the grays, that is. No, I’m not a free woman. I color. !!

end of day mama

Lil Man gets Mama nearing bedtime after a very long and full day….

I’d better get to bed soon. This is a busy weekend comin up. Going to butcher my very first chicken, going to make a caterpillar costume for five boys, going to attend a couple parties and a ghost-story tellin… and most likely a few other, serendipitous events await us somewhere in the mix…. Halloween’s a comin…. much to do, much to do….

2 thoughts on “Fall Photo Catch-Up

  1. Thanks for posting the pix – love you two peeping out of the leaf pile. How on earth did you get that camera angle? And the warbler drawing – WOW! What beautiful detail from a very talented artist. Enjoy the weekend!

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