Birthday Poem for Elihu on the occasion of his 20th birthday, April 28th, 2023

Your birthday is now, right at 8:55, when post-childbirth drama you chose to arrive

This landmark occasion of leaving your teens demands recognition, by whatever means

I haven’t a gift and so after debate, I decided this best (besides now it’s too late)

You said “Rhyming comes easy, poems aren’t a big deal” in spite of assurance, my struggle is real

Yet spending some cash on a trinket or two would not suit you well, we both know this is true

So here, in the style of that small drummer boy, is a token from me (hoping not to seem coy)

I give you such love as a long-lasting treasure, that no technological gizmo can measure

(This particular blog template will not allow me to format this text as I’d like, hence the somewhat wonky appearance which I tried to justify with some additional punctuation.)

I re-discovered this post and poem by Elihu, which he wrote a decade ago, on his tenth birthday.

Visit Elizabeth’s website here. Visit Elizabeth’s Instagram here.

Visit Elihu’s personal Instagram here. Visit Elihu’s tuba practice Instagram here.

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