Chicken Day

Well, really, what day isn’t a chicken day here at the Hillhouse? Today was a bit of a special chicken day however. Nothing poetic and long-winded tonight. Just a quick recount of our day: I brought a three-week old chick to Elihu’s classroom today and he was a rock star for a half hour. Questions directed to me were quickly answered by Elihu. I was merely the chauffeur.

Tonight we went way over budget with a dinner at the irresistible Hattie’s Chicken Shack (oops, I think they call themselves a ‘restaurant’ these days and not merely a ‘shack’). We lived a bit beyond our means tonight, but what a meal we had. Elihu proclaimed, as he finished off the last of his plate, “this is the best chicken I’ve had in my whole entire life”. I was in total agreement. We were full, we were happy.

We made a visit to a secret garden behind the back doors of the restaurants and picked lily of the valley, drinking in the perfume that comes but once a year. That heavenly scent to which nothing else on earth comes close. Aah.

Then we got in the car and began our short drive home. As we reached the winding country roads, a heavy spring rain began. Now cozy in our house, the rain beats loud and hard on the roof. We’ll make a quick trip downstairs to smooch our young chicks and refresh their food and water for the night, then it’s off to bed.

A good day, a chicken day.

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