I’m not yet a true Waldorf mom. It’s continually new to me, yet I know it’s the absolute right place for us to be. I knew it the first day. Funny, less than a year ago I still had an image of the place as being a combination of moneyed, greener-than-thou professionals and naive, modern hippie types who all merely parroted slogans of love and light because it was progressive and hip. Now I realize I was not correct in any of my ignorant assumptions. Within hours of becoming the mother of a student at the Waldorf School of Saratoga Springs I was greeted by people – mothers, dads, grandparents, teachers. I was made to truly feel welcome, and instantly there was an ease of relationship with the new people I was meeting. We had something in common. What exactly it was I wasn’t yet sure – and I’m still not quite sure. Something, however, has brought us all here. We were all out of step in some way with the other educational communities at large, or maybe we all knew there must be something better, something more deeply connected to creator, earth and community. Regardless of what’s lead us here, we are all here because we understand this place is incredibly rare and special.

Each day I shake my head in amazement at the things that Elihu is learning. The very environment that Waldorf and his wonderful teacher (wow do I feel lucky there!) have created for him. Each day, in an off-the-cuff sort of way, more as an aside than a piece of news to share, Elihu will reveal to me yet another aspect of this school that impresses me more deeply than I ever expected to be impressed. Tonight, as we sat at dinner together, he began to recite something I’d not heard before. He knew the whole thing (in the span of four weeks Elihu has memorized many, many verses, both song and poetry – and not for having worked at it; it’s simply part of his day there) and I was enchanted as he recited this piece…

The sun, with loving light makes bright for me each day.

The soul with spirit power gives strength unto my limbs.

In sunlight shining clear, I reverence, o God, the strength of human kind which thou so graciously hath planted in my soul that I, with all my might, may love to work and learn.

From these stream light and love, to Thee rise love and thanks.

A simple Google search has me finally learning more about the history of this school and its founder (and author of the above prayer) Rudolf Steiner. How lucky were we to stumble upon this miraculous haven. I couldn’t feel more grateful – to Rudolf, to the teachers, to everyone who has dedicated their life’s work to the vision of the Waldorf School. Shakin my head and sayin ‘Amen’ to it all.

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