Mid April Pics

Been busy. I try to keep us an underscheduled household, but even so we always seem to be doing something. Even our down time seems to include little surprises, like a dead robin to examine up close, a quick smooch of a goose, a nice moment with a glider on a windless day…

April 2013 827The birds enjoy the very last bit of snow on the property

April 2013 859He had to be coerced at first, but at last Max succumbed to a good long embrace

April 2013 845Best eight bucks we’ve spent in a while

April 2013 832Poor thing – traveled so many hundreds of miles only to be hit by a car

April 2013 839Here she is up close

April 2013 844Elihu admires her wingspan

April 2013 806You can see why they’re called brown-headed cowbirds

April 2013 875Hmm. This guy seems to be feeling the excitment of spring…!

April 2013 831Mama did her biannual cleanout of the junk drawer

April 2013 906Skidmore College’s Taiko drummers

April 2013 922Elihu takes a turn

April 2013 920That was fun!


I just want to thank Joe for all his kindness in helping me get setup on my new (refurbished) computer. I’m up and running again and it’s all thanks to him! If you live in the Saratoga Springs area, I encourage you to use J & D computer repair!

4 thoughts on “Mid April Pics

  1. Great pix. Love the squirrel one. And hey isn’t that an actual squirrel penis visible there? And hey, isn’t that the first time I’ve ever typed the words “squirrel penis”? ;~) Happy Spring! GB

    Elihu’s got good posture at the drum. Relaxed and sitting into his thighs. Nice.

    1. You couldn’t resist. Me neither. You really don’t think of cute, fuzzy squirrels as even having em, do you? It kind of caught me by surprise….

      Glad you think Elihu’s got some good posture. Maybe he won’t suffer the bad back syndrome one day as I do…

  2. Somehow, I’ve never looked at a squirrel that way before. I suppose that zoologists and naturalists look at all animals in what we could call a “medical” manner. That’s too bad about the robin. There are a few robins here in Alsip, but not too many. Since odd comments are being posted on this topic, I’ll throw in one here: even thought it’s sad about the dead robin, seeing it on the plate made me wonder if it was on the menu! Yes, a plate gives it a nice, old-fashioned round frame. My wife has a couple of bird paintings in oval frames, and that’s a good way to present them.

    Max looks very nice and patient. It’s not generally in the nature of a bird to allow itself to be embraced (usually that only happens when they are being attacked by cats), so this shows that Max has fully accepted his human friend.

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