Silly Poem

Silly Poem

a poem by Elihu, written today during a rainy recess period…


I’m going on a trip to the center of the universe

What do you think I should pack?

A sack and some shoes and a cow that moos, and a plate and some milk and a snack

A yak for good measure, a couch for the pleasure of sitting right down to a rest

A lunch box, a brick, some balls and a stick and some chocolate that tastes just the best.

And maybe if you’re lucky I’ll take you along…

What do you think you will pack?

4 thoughts on “Silly Poem

  1. I went to the centre of the universe just like you
    I took a dress which is brand new
    A camera, a comb, a little yellow mac,
    A pen, a pencil, a bag of books on my back.
    I took my cat which always says ‘mew’
    Along with a painting my big sister drew
    And an airplane which would fly me across
    A few coins to buy with, flip and toss
    My siter, my parents, and of course me
    All the sights together I wanted to see.
    A diary to record my adventures of fun,
    I soon had to come back as my journey was done.

    ps: I really liked your poem!! :D

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