Fifty-Four Years on Ten/Ten

My mother and father were married in the Church of the Holy Trinity on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, fifty-four years ago this afternoon, on the 10th day of October, 1959. Some folks from the wedding party are still with us, others are long gone. Life sure does look different over a half century later. The church itself is likely the least changed of the whole affair. How much has come and gone since then – so many stories, happy and tragic, that have followed. So many of life’s adventures that could never have been imagined on the happy October afternoon, fifty-four years ago today. Today we told grandma and grandpa that we loved them and were grateful for their union, for without it, we wouldn’t be here today to thank em. !

10 10 13 098At home, Elihu pens an original anniversary card to grandma and grandpa

10 10 13 127And then shares it with them both

10 10 13 123He shows Grandpa….

10 10 13 113And Grandma too.

10 10 13 142We pull out the wedding album – compiled by the tony Bacharach Studios of New York.

church-of-the-holy-trinityThe Church of the Holy Trinity on 88th in NYC, likely looking much the same today as it did back then.

10 10 13 144Grandpa lingers over their wedding photo. He remembered that their friend, Adele Addison, had sung for the service that day. Amazing what’s remembered, and what’s not.

10 10 13 153

The ladies in the bridal party…

10 10 13 148Nancy Lydia Jackson marries Robert Scott Conant

10 10 13 159They receive a telegram as they enter their waiting taxi (post-party at the Harvard Club) from the Seagles of the Seagle Music Colony in upstate Schroon Lake, NY, who have congratulated Nancy on having ‘Baroquen’ Bob of his bachelor ways.  (Dad is a baroque harpsichordist.)  After having this classy candid shot taken, the elegant couple heads off into the New York City night as husband and wife, with a world of adventures yet before them. Cats, Kids and Early Music Festivals are still a mere gleam in their eyes tonight…

Happy 54th Wedding Anniversary, Mom and Dad! xoxo


Here’s a link to another anniversary post created on 10/9/15

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